{Talia's House}Edit

{ding dong ding dong}

Talia:I'll get the door

{open door}


Talia:ughh get out of here nate

Nate:wait why are you mad at me

Talia:at school today i saw you and kim kissed each other

Nate:no you got it all wrong Kim kiss me

Talia:okay um..are you the father of kim's baby

Nate: yes


Nate:talia im---

Talia:dont ever touch me we're done im breaking up with you!!

Nate:please dont i still love you

Talia:well i dont love you{slams door}

The barEdit

Girl:hi there you look lonely

Nate:my girlfriend broke up with me

Girl:oh im sorry

Nate:i be okay maybe

Girl:wanna come to my house


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