Kim:Elizabeth i be right back


Kim:hey Nate

Nate:hey can we go talk in the hallway


Talia:Nate wait where you going?

Nate:in the hallway to talk to Kim i be right back

Talia:guys i think kim gonna tell my secret

Makayla:then follow them


(The hallway)Edit

Nate:is it true that you pregnant?


Nate:oh man no

Kim:are you mad?

Nate:ughh..look..for now on dont talk to me

Kim:Nate...i thought we was going to get back together

Nate:no we're not because i already have a girlfriend and her name is talia and she is the most beautiful girl i ever known

Kim:Nate...i need you and the baby needs you

Nate:you know're right

Kim:I am?

Nate:yeah the baby do needs me so when the baby born i have the baby friday,saturday,and sunday.

Kim:and what about me?

Nate:you have the baby monday,tuesday,wedsday,and thurday

Kim:no i mean....are we getting back together

Nate:i told you no im in love with talia

Kim:{kisses him}

Talia:{quiet gasp}then walk away crying}

Nate:dont ever kiss me again kim okay i hate you!


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