{at school}

Elizabeth:kim wait


Elizabeth:(see blair looking at her)um...nevermind i got to go bye yeah bye


Nate:(kiss talia) hey baby you okay you look sad?

Talia:yeah im okay

Mr.Melner:good morning class everyone turn to page 102 and work with a partner on problems 1-8

Kim:Nate will you be my partner


Talia:you can be her partner i'll partner up with...julie



Talia:hi i gonna be your partner



Talia:talia my name's talia

(In the hallway)Edit

Kim:Hey girls

Penelope:omg pregnant girl is here

Kim:wha..what i-im not pregnant

Blair:yes you are

Kim:no im not

Penelope:then prove it by drinking this

Kim:okay i am but please dont tell the whole school

Blair:too late everyone already knows

Kim:(go to the bathroom crying)

Penelope:what a slut

Elizabeth:i got to go to the bathroom i have to put on my lip gloss

Blair:okay hurry back

(in the bathroom)Edit

Elizabeth:you okay?

Kim:no im not okay!

Kim:you and the rest of them hate me and everyone knows im pregnant

Elizabeth:i dont hate you im still your friend

Kim:you are (sniffles)?

Elizabeth:yes i never stop being your friend unlike tthe rest of nice

Kim:you are the best

Elizabeth:i know

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