(Talia's house)

Talia:guys i need ya help with something

Jamie:what is it?

Talia:help me break up with Nate

Makayla:what..i thought you was in love with Nate

Talia:look yesterday something happen

Talia:(sighs)Kim can over here and she told me to break up with nate or else she gonna tell everybody my secret.


(Kim's house)Edit

(on the phone)

Kim:hey Blair

Blair:hey Kim

Kim:so how are you?

Blair:good im about to go shopping with Elizabeth

Kim:Can i come?

Blair:um three is a crowd maybe saturday will go shopping okay bye


(At the mall)Edit

Elizabeth:okay Blair what's with you?

Blair:what are you talking about

Elizabeth:why have you been mean to Kim?

Blair:because im not her friend anymore


Blair:if you must know..Kim been acting weird,wearing baggy clothes,and getting fat

Elizabeth:are you trying to say she pregnant?


Elizabeth:kim not pregnant

Blair:yes she is everyone in the whole school knows she is

Elizabeth:no she not i will prove it to

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